TLC: Chewy Vites

Launching an international health care brand into the UK.

We started working with TLC (Tender Loving Care) in 2012. Based in South Africa, TLC produce a range of quality toiletries and health care products for the whole family, from baby’s first days to adulthood.

2017-09-28 Chewyvites Adult 30's range

A Brief History

When we met, TLC were keen to expand internationally. The UK was a primary target and they had already managed to secure a listing for 2 skus from their vitamin range ‘Chewy Vites’ in Superdrug and some pharmaceutical wholesalers. Post launch, however, they were finding it difficult to extend growth. Keen to expand, TLC realised they needed feet on the ground within the UK and a team who understood the marketplace. The partnership with Product Chain was born.


The Plan

Our first step was to conduct a full review of the Chewy Vites range. We subsequently recommended some changes to increase appeal to the UK consumer. This included adapting pack size and format and removing sugar coatings from the product itself.



These important changes helped us expand the range in Superdrug and secure new distribution in Asda. Within the last 5 years we have increased sales more than sevenfold and are currently very close to securing additional listings in 2 other major retailers.


Operational Support

Our admin and support team are also pivotal in the partnership with TLC managing day-to-day contact with all retail customers, processing orders and managing invoicing on their behalf. Essential services for an international company with no UK base.

What did Product Chain deliver?

  • UK market analysis
  • Review product to maximise consumer appeal
  • Developed retailer relationships
  • Negotiated buyer deals
  • Sales forecasting & analysis
  • Pricing & promotional planning
  • Order processing & invoicing
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