Cauli Rice

cauli rice rangeCauli Rice make a wide range of low carb & calorie substitutes for rice, pasta and potatoes from cauliflower. Product Chain started working with Cauli Rice’s founders in 2014, and in 2016 the challenge was to get widespread nationwide distribution in 2016. Product Chain managed to expand Cauli Rice’s presence from one major retailer to five major national retailers by a year later, almost quadrupling their distribution in doing so. The result is that Cauli Rice is the fastest growing brand in the Rice Category in 2016 rising from 48th to 12th in the ranking of the largest brands (Nielsen 2017), on track to become a top 10 rice brand in 2017. However such rapid growth required significant ground work from Product Chain before, during, and after the expansion, and it is a perfect example of what a stable, long term relationship can yield.

Before such growth could take place Product Chain worked closely with Cauli Rice to determine the optimal category for Cauli Rice as well as their positioning as a brand, in addition to this we also used our experience to aid Cauli Rice to perfect their pitch proposition before they were in front of the buyers. During the roll out our sales team helped to win meetings with the microwave ready to eat buyers and developing Cauli Rice’s promotional plans and future development. Once listings are won buyers place a constant pressure on producers to show how they are driving growth and delivering value to the multiple  to retain their current listings, so Product Chain used data analysis to help drive growth.

By dealing with the administration required by the supermarkets we freed up Gem to retain a lean business model and to focus on new product development to further enhance their range.

Testimonial from Gem (Co-founder of Cauli Rice):

‘Top three things I would recommend Product Chain for :

  • The Product Chain Client Service team have been invaluable – I did not realise how much heavy administration is required for dealing with supermarkets!
  • Product Chains intelligent analysis and use of the data has enabled us to work together to formulate the overall strategy
  • Product Chain dedicated sales team with depth of experience and expertise in dealing with UK Grocery multiples’