Braham And Murray

Created and developed by Henry Braham and Glynis Murray. GOOD HEMP started with GOOD Oil which is intensely healthy due to the fact that it is the most naturally perfect oil in terms of Omega 3 and 6.

On the back of GOOD OIL success the team at Braham & Murray developed additional products from the HEMP farming process HEMP Milk, Seeds and Protein Powders.

  • HEMP MILK was the first of its kind within the Alternative milks fixtures of Tesco, Waitrose and JS
  • HEMP Protein as a unique alternative to Whey within sport’s nutrition
  • HEMP seeds add all the goodness of hemp in an easy way to increase digestive fibre.

We now have a strategic relationship with Braham And Murray and they have moved in with us at Product Chain head office. The team’s skills and industry connections are working hard to secure increased investment to help support the owner’s objectives, the goal of further sales across the key sectors of dairy alternatives and sport’s nutrition is coming into clearer focus.

GOOD HEMP is now one of the fastest growing brands in Grocery increasing sales and presence across Health and Wellness markets.

Braham and Murray in partnership with Product Chain will continue to improve the fortunes of this unique ingredient.